To reconnect and continue alliance with all the high school and college/university graduates of PUP in the United States and other countries all over the world. To increase involvement of the alumni in building a strong and beneficial ties with the Alma Mater in order to serve and provide support to programs that will benefit deserving students.


To create an environment where alumni can make their best contribution to their Alma Mater to assist in projects that will provide deserving students opportunities to excel in various academic, cultural and sporting activities.



The Polytechnic University of the Philippines Alumni Association USA Inc. (PUPAA USA) was initiated by Dr. Oscar Jornacion, who was conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Humanities by Polytechnic University of the Philippines in December 2014.

During the commencement exercises, PUP President Dr. Emanuel C. De Guzman and PUP Vice President Dr. Joseph Mercado mentioned to Dr. Oscar Jornacion that while PUP is the largest university in the Philippines with more than 20 campuses and serving more than 70,000 students, PUP is the only university in Metro Manila that does not have an alumni organization in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

Dr. De Guzman and Dr. Mercado then requested Dr. Oscar Jornacion if he could organize a PUP alumni association in Los Angeles.

In January 2015, Dr. Oscar Jornacion started contacting friends, colleagues, acquaintances and other members of the Filipino-American community who he knows are alumni of PUP, known then as Philippine College of Commerce.

Among those who were initially contacted and who became the initial members of the core group include: Ms. Loi Herrera, Monette Santillan-Rivera, Lynn Soliven-Manaois, Rosemarie Mejia, Rose Ilagan-Maghari, Sally Mendoza and Marissa Sugay-Palanca.


First Meeting of PUP/PCC Alumni Group
Seated L-R: Monette Rivera, Rose Maghari, Dr. Oscar Jornacion & Lynn Manaois
Standing L-R: Rosemarie Mejia, Marissa Palanca, Fernando Bueno, Ms. Loi Herrera & Sally Mendoza

At that time, Ms. Loi Herrera was in her annual gift-giving mission trip to the Philippines and she took the opportunity to visit the Sta. Mesa campus. It was her first time to see her Alma Mater after her graduation from the university years ago. During her visit, she met with PUP Alumni Relations Officer, Emejidio Gepila Jr. from Sta. Mesa campus who has been contacting her through Facebook about the list of PUP alumni now residing in the Los Angeles area.

Ms. Loi Herrera also met with PUP Vice President for Student Services Herminia Manimtim and Vice President for Administration Alberto Guillo. During the meeting they discussed numerous concerns especially the need for the university to upgrade the online document request system and computerization of the student’s transcripts of records to facilitate requests from local alumni and those residing from abroad.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, through the efforts and efficient leadership of Dr. Oscar Jornacion, the PUPAA USA was born. The incorporation papers were filed and duly registered with the Secretary of State of California, USA on March 19, 2015.

A few months later additional alumni joined the newly formed organization and became part of the core group. They are: Honeylette Monteverde-De Leon, Virgie Herbito, Violeta “Vee” Cristobal, Jose Mapoy and Connie Acosta (former nurse in PCC).

The first project of the PUPAA USA was a fundraising/reunion/dinner & dance held on June 27, 2015 at the Philippine Village center, located at 4515 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, California. The event was a big success and attended by 150 guests.

The initial project raised a total of nearly $6,000.00, which the group donated in full to the alumni organization to go into the funds allocated for the projects that will be agreed upon by the alumni such as: scholarship, computerization of documents/transcript of records and the construction of a 2-storey building in the PUP Sta. Mesa campus which will provide lodging for the university athletes.

With the success of the first fundraising event of the PUPAA USA, Dr. Oscar Jornacion, believes that the newly formed group is ready to take off for a global reunion.

Thus, Dr. Oscar Jornacion met with the PUP officials in the Philippines in early August 2015, and it was mutually agreed that the first PUP/PCC global reunion would be held on the Memorial Day weekend of 2016 (May 27- May 30, 2016 ). This was officially announced at the August 16th meeting of PUPAA USA at Philippine Village Center. The event will be held at The Orleans in Las Vegas, Nevada.

PUP-PCC Officers and Board of Directors

The PUP/PCC Alumni Association USA Officers and Board of Directors with PUP President Dr. Emanuel de Guzman and FEDAAPI President, Engr. Rene Tanasas

The global reunion is open to all high school and college/university graduates including associates & former faculty staff. The event is seen as a very exciting get-together for all PUP and PCC alumni who have not seen one another in a long time and it would be a good opportunity to continue the friendship established during the good old days.

PUP President Dr. Emanuel de Guzman will be the guest speaker for the event’s Saturday gala night, while PUP Vice-President for Branches and Campuses Dr. Joseph Mercado will be the guest speaker for the Friday meet and greet event.

The PUPAA USA will assist alumni and former faculty staff from the Philippines and from anywhere in the world interested in joining and attending the global reunion in applying for and securing their US visas.





PUP/PCC Alumni Association USA

4515 Eagle Rock Blvd. Los Angeles 90041 CA
(562) 544 8210